Bridge II Sports 360 Club - Committed to Building the Bridge

What is the Bridge II Sports 360 Club?

The Bridge II Sports 360 Club was named after the 360° in a wheel. Wheels are the foundation of Bridge II Sports. The club is built of generous individuals who believe in and made a commitment to the Bridge II Sports mission. The 360 Club ensures that Bridge II Sports has the resources to bridge the gap for children and adults who are physically challenged to play team, individual, and recreational sports; empowering all to discover tenacity, confidence, self-esteem, healing and the joy of finding the player within.

Why become a Bridge II Sports 360 Club Member?

You become a part of the bridge. Your donation builds the Bridge II Sports. As a 360 Club member, you have the opportunity to watch the return on your generous gift. Bridge II Sports sends out monthly 360 Club newsletters showing you what all your gifts are providing. We share inspiring stories of the children, adults, and veterans that you support. We will update you on the success of our teams and athletes that you create opportunities for. We will also keep you updated on all the upcoming Bridge II Sports events that you help provide. You will have the fulfillment of changing lives, both yours and others in our communities.

How to become a Bridge II Sports 360 Club member?

There are two ways to become a 360 Club Member:

  • The first way is by making a recurring $10.00 or greater monthly donation for one year.
  • The Second way is by making a one-time $120.00 or greater donation per year.

Membership may be renewed at the end of the one-year period.

If you prefer not to join the 360 Club but still want to support the Bridge II Sports feel free to make a one-time donation by clicking here!

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