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Show you support of DJ, our nationally ranked tandem cyclist! DJ needs your help to raise money so that he can compete in the 2016 USA PARA Track National Championships in Carson City, CA. Click the Orange button that says “4th Annual Benefit Ride for Davian “DJ” Robinson for more details!

Davian “DJ” Robinson is 24 years old and was born and raised in Hickory, NC. He currently lives in Charlotte and attends UNCC where he is maintaining a 3.5 GPA.  He finished at Wake Tech in Dec., 2015) and transfered to UNCC  to complete a 4-year degree program in Exercise Science that would allow him to work with physical education and the rehabilitation field.  He is legally blind with a condition known as ROP.

His cycling goals are to reach the Paralympics in 2020, to win a National Championship, and to represent Team USA in a World Championship event. He will also participate in all USA National Tandem qualifying events between now and then, to participate in all of the tandem racing events at the various Velodromes in the US, to ride in the various charity events such as the MS 150, The Tour de Cure, etc. He began his cycling journey through the 2010 Colorado Paralympics Festival in which he attended with only an interest in track and field events.  He won 2 Gold and 3 Silver that summer, however it was his discovery of riding on the back of a tandem bicycle that truly led him to the exhilarating freedom that excited his passions.  He calls it his “bike freedom”.

His goal at the Paralympics is to obviously do as well as he possibly can with his eye set on the winner’s podium.  Gold is certainly his preferred color to wear!  Meeting this goal will have a big impact on his hometown of Hickory as well as on his family, relatives, and friends.  If he does not qualify for the 2016 Paralympics for whatever reasons, his goal is then focused on the 2020 Paralympics.

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The Power of one is a mighty force! Help start a ripple!

Bridge II Sports functions on gifts and grants. All of our programs are low or no cost to participants. Why? Many people with disabilities have extra medical and maintenance costs not covered by Insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, thus taking “spendable funds” to maintain health. Bridge II Sports understands those challenges.

Bridge II Sports requires each participant to be involved with the fundraising part of programs. Though its programs, Bridge II Sports teaches commitment and appreciation and thus a spirit of giving back from what has been received. Empowerment is a tool for change. Your donation Bridge II Sports empowers a change that has a ripple effect. The power of one can make a difference.

Austin, an able-bodied 13 year old, decided for his Bar mitzvah project, to raise funds to purchase two sports chairs for Jr. Thunder youth wheelchair basketball team. The cost was $5000. He had been volunteering at Jr. Thunder events and had seen that there were not enough chairs for the 17 athletes. Austin started with a fundraiser at his school that included the basketball team, cheerleaders, and the Jr. Thunder and the Triangle Thunder adult wheelchair basketball teams. The event raised $1200.

Then a person who attended the event offered to hold an all day fundraiser at Chick-fil-A. More funds were raised. Then Austin’s lacrosse team got involved. A woman from Texas heard about the challenge and donated the remaining funds needed. Austin’s big goal was met and the team gained two new sports chairs!