Why volunteer?

Volunteers are the energy in adapted sports! We need lots of them to keep the athletes going. Volunteers are the strength that keeps our organization running smoothly!

Bridge II Sports has several levels of volunteers. The first type of volunteer is a lead volunteer. We need volunteers to take leadership roles in coaching, being one of a leadership team that manages any given sporVolunteers at Bridge II Sports basketball practicet. If you are interested in being one of these leaders, we have an application for you to fill out and tell us your interests. These positions require a background check, interview, and training before getting involved.

Bridge II Sports has had the honor of having recreation therapists, adapted PE teachers, former wheelchair players, and coaches from the able-bodied world take leadership roles. This has added to the strength and quality of our program.

The second type of volunteers that we need – and the need is large – is hands and legs to help facilitate sporting events. This type of volunteer is called a standard volunteer. These volunteers show up and lend their hands to help keep the sports going. They are supervised by leaders of the sport. We’ll need for you to fill out a two-page volunteer form. College and high school students are ideal helpers in this regard! Bridge II Sports has high school teams help with certain events with great success on both sides! We love to have our volunteers get in a wheelchair and see what adapted sports are like first hand!

Technical Volunteers are another way to be involved. We have had engineers solve equipment challenges. We need computer savvy folks, since technology is a key to successfully communicating with our athletes and their families. Event coordinating is another way you can help! So is creating a positive images through phVolunteer helping at wheelchair basketball practice photos and video. So, you see, it is not just the direct sports needs. We need a whole team.

We cannot say how valuable volunteers are to Bridge II Sports! Volunteers allow us to run programs often at no cost. That allows more athletes to take part in a sport, since medical expenses can consume any of their extra funds. Please know there is room for all. If you can share your talent, please let us know. Bridge II Sports reserves the right to require background checks if we feel it is necessary for all types of volunteers.

What are we looking for right now?

  • Valor Games Southeast volunteers
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Web Team Support
  • Web update
  • Web Sponsorship Recruitment
  • Web Story Developer
  • Track and Field Coaches

If you wish to become a standard or lead volunteer, please go here and choose what positions you are interested in helping us with! You can also contact us at programs@bridge2sports.org or 866-880-2742 ext 4