Are you looking for fundraising ideas for your August Madness Team? Here are some ideas for raising funds from your friends and family or from your work teams. Along with asking friends and family through email or on social media, here are a few ideas to help you raise funds for your August Madness Team.


How to Fundraise at Home

Movie Night – Contact your local movie theater and see if they can donate one theater for a single showing in honor of your fundraising cause. Invite friends and family to the theater, ask for a small donation fee and enjoy the movie!

Beer/Wine Tasting and Cheese Evening – This event may require a budget. If possible, recruit local suppliers/breweries to provide beer, cheese and/or wine. Charge a small fee and offer a few beers or wines to try. You can even create your own comment card for your guests to make notes about their favorites.

Dinner Party with Board Games – Throw a “donate to the cause” dinner party and invite your friends! Provide appetizers and drinks and be sure to let them know about your fundraising cause. Consider throwing in a round of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity or your favorite game to keep the party going!

A Night of Cards – Call up your card playing friends and invite them over for a poker night. Charge a small entry fee and ask a local business or brewery for a fun gift card/small item to be a prize for the winner.

Partner with a Local Business – Reach out to a local restaurant and ask them if they would be interested in profit sharing for a few hours to help in your fundraising cause. Be sure to promote the event and tell all your friends and family to go during that time. Restaurants typically agree to donate a certain percentage of profits in that time period towards your fundraiser. You can also reach out to a yoga studio or CrossFit/gym to hold a donation class for your fundraising efforts. Instead of paying the normal fee, the money would support your fundraiser.

Bring Your Pets! – Host a “yappy hour” at your favorite local park or dog park. Bake homemade dog treats and sell them for fundraising or let people know more about your story and see if they would be willing to donate to your fundraiser.

Ask Your Apartment – Ask your apartment complex if they would host a BBQ or happy hour with the entry fee going towards your fundraising! Use this opportunity to share more information about the event and get folks interested in joining your team!

Offer a Service – Services such as babysitting, yard work, car washing, dog walking or house and pet sitting can all be done with the payment going to your fundraising goals!

Garage Sale – This can be done individually or in a group. Gather all the items you want to donate and ask your teammates and neighbors to donate items as well. Be sure to put an ad in the paper, pass out flyers and hang directional signs. Many local papers will publish free ads for garage sales that benefit nonprofits. Check with your local law enforcement agency to see if you can post flyers around town. Ask friends and neighbors to help put up flyers in local churches, supermarkets, schools, etc. Many people are willing to pay more for items when you let them know that all proceeds go to a charity. Have a donation jar—many people who come for the garage sale will donate to you.

How to Get your Workplace Involved

Corporate Matching Gift – Ask your company to match the amount of donations you receive from your fellow coworkers.

Corporate Sponsorship – Identify one or several large companies and contact them directly. They may be willing to sponsor you completely.

Company Grants – Find out if your company offers grants to employees who volunteer their time for charitable causes. If so, you can volunteer your time at a local charitable organization and get “paid” grant money for the volunteer work that you do.

Donated Sports Team and Concert Box Seats – More often than not, there are quite a few fanatics that will pay just about anything for seats to their favorite team’s games or their favorite band’s concerts.  Ask a company to donate their box seats to a major sporting or entertainment event and hold a drawing for the seats – the more exclusive the tickets, the better. For sporting events, ask the park to make an announcement about the company donating their box seats.

Dress Down Day – Ask your company to allow an official dress down day. For the privilege of dressing down, employees donate $20 toward your fundraising efforts.

Extra Vacation Day Raffle – Ask your company or boss to sell tickets at $20 for an extra paid vacation day. All proceeds go toward your fundraising efforts!

Meet the Press – Take advantage of your company newsletter or inter-office email. It’s a perfect way to get the word out to your coworkers.

Office Fundraising Challenge – Encourage your coworkers to challenge each other to raise the highest amount of money for the charity. Give the winner a prize, such as movie passes or a gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice.

Bake Sale – Bake cookies, cakes or any of your favorites. Have your friends/coworkers also bake and donate their items to your sale. Include a jar for general donations and let your coworkers give what they wish to your cause.

Donuts/Bagels – Everyone needs breakfast! Buy a box of donuts or bagels on the way to work and sell them at the office for $1 each! See if you can have them donated or given at a lower cost to you, so you get more money from those that purchase. Ask HR if you can send out an email letting everyone know.