Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites to reach your goals

Fundraising through social media is about balance and engagement. People often read hundreds of posts a day and your fundraising ask can easily be scrolled by and simply forgotten. On the other hand, constantly flooding the news feeds with your posts can be detrimental to your fundraising efforts (and you might lose a few friends the process). The following tips will help make your posts as effective as possible, and now you just need to be conscious of how often to post so you fall somewhere between being forgotten and being flagged as spam.

ENGAGE. Share your personal connection and the reasons why you are participating in the August Madness event. The more people know what this means to you, the more they are going to take seriously your requests for support. Consider posting a video or picture with your fundraising ask. Posts with videos and pictures are more often seen in the page feeds.

UPDATE. As the event gets closer, update your followers with your fundraising efforts, the players on your team and even fundraising events you are doing on your own to help your team secure the top draft spot.

SIMPLIFY. Make sure that the link to your personal fundraising webpage is included in everything you post, including in the description of your videos and pictures. When someone decides that they want to support you, you should make sure that they are only a click away from doing so.


I am raising funds and playing on a Wheelchair Basketball team for the August Madness Basketball Tournament, benefitting @Bridge2Sports. Help my team towards our goal of $XXXX, (Insert Link to Crowdrise Page).

Help me raise funds for my August Madness Wheelchair Basketball team! We are hoping to Raise $XXXX to benefit to @bridge2sports. (Insert Link to Crowdrise Page)

I have never played wheelchair basketball before, but sure could use your help to raise funds for our August Madness Team before August 7th! (Insert Link to Crowdrise Page)

On August 7th I am playing in my first wheelchair basketball tournament, benefitting @bridge2sports! Please consider donating to this amazing charity and help us get the top Draft Pick at the August Madness Draft.