Who can play?

Participants in August Madness must be 16 years old and up.  The tournament is open to both people with disabilities and able-bodied players– NO wheelchair basketball experience is needed– all skill levels welcome and encouraged to play.

Do I have to have a disability to participate?

No. Both players with and without disabilities are encouraged to play.

How many players per team?

Teams can have 7 people + 1 All-Star on their roster. 5 Players will play at any given point.

Are there training/practice times available to learn how to play?

Yes. Join us at the American Tobacco Campus YMCA ‘CAGE’ Court in Durham this summer with the opportunity for EVERYONE to experience the excitement of WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL- Dates coming soon

What are court dimensions and hoop height for August Madness?

Games are played on a shortened court (50 feet) with hoops at 10 feet regulation height

(Adult wheelchair basketball is usually played on a regulation court with a 10 foot hoop, but due to space and skill level at August Madness we play 3 games simultaneously on shortened courts)

What are the rules for August Madness?


  1. Games will be 5 on 5
  2. Hoops will be a 10 feet regulation height
  3. Games will be 15 minutes long (running clock)
  4. Each team consists of 5 players (4 members from a sponsoring company and 1 all-star)


  1. Referees will call each game and follow National Wheelchair Basketball Association rules but with the understanding that most players are novices and are learning the game
  1. Each game will begin with a jump ball
  2. Players must dribble the ball once for every two pushes of the chair
  3. Players must avoid intentionally running directly into another player
  4. No free throws during this tournament—a foul will result in a turnover
  5. Sudden death overtime will be played if a game is tied after regulation time

The team with the top record in each bracket will move on to the Final Four.  In the case that there are 3 brackets, the 4th semi-final team is determined by the next best record. “Ties” will be determined accordingly:

  1. The team with the most overall points

(add up points scored in all games)

  1. If still a tie, the team with the largest combined margin of victory advances
  2. If still a tie, the team with the most points in any single game advances
  3. If still a tie, one member from each team will compete in a sudden death free throw contest

(NOTE: Tournament structure may change dependent on the number of teams participating)

How long are games at August Madness?

Games will last 15 minutes each on a shortened court.  Each team will play a minimum of 3 games at the tournament.

Is there a wheelchair basketball league?

There is. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association  is the  wheelchair basketball governing body in the United States. There are juniors, collegiate and adult wheelchair basketball leagues and teams across the US.

Wheelchair basketball is a Paralympic sport and is played in countries around the globe.

Will any players from the NWBA be in attendance?

Yes. Some of our All-Stars are elite level wheelchair basketball players that play on NWBA sanctioned Division II and III teams.

How do I raise money for my team?

After your captain registers your team you will have a link to your team’s own fundraising page!
We encourage you to share your link and our August Madness webpage via email and social media with your circle of friends, family and co-workers.
Make sure to let them know that you are playing in August Madness and raising funds to provide life changing opportunities for people with physical disabilities through the power of adapted sports!

How do I become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is great way to support Bridge II Sports, create impact for people with disabilities and gain visibility for your organization.
Check out the  August Madness Sponsorship Opportunities.  We have possibilities for all budgets and are always open to discussing how we can make your sponsorship meet your organizational needs.

How can I donate to the event?

THANK YOU! Yes, of course, you can donate! Head over to our donation page, find a team to support and donate directly to that team. Each team is challenged to raise over $2000 so every donation helps!

How do I register?

Registration for August Madness 2019 will be opening soon

Do I need a full team to register?

No. You can register a team with just a captain or representative to start. Other team members can be added at a later time.

Can I add a player to my roster after registration?

Yes. Each team can have a maximum of 7 players (not counting your all-star draft pick)

Can I remove someone from my team’s roster?

Yes. You can remove players from your roster, right up until the day of the tournament, as long as we have a final roster and all registration documents and waivers have been signed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What system do you use for Registration?

We use our Bridge II Sports NEON database system for team registration.

A link to registration can be found on the August Madness webpage.

My team would like to register with a check, how can we do that?

You may make your team’s registration fee by check. We ask that you still register your team through the on-line registration link and notify us via email events@bridge2sports.org or phone 866-880-2742 x12 that you will be paying by check.

Your registration of $2000 must be received the week prior to the tournament at the latest.

Where do August Madness events take place?

Historically, the tournament has take place on the floor at the PNC Arena in Raleigh

In 2018 The Draft and Silent Auction was at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in the PNC Executive Suites the evening before the tournament

The Cage Training events will take place at the American Tobacco Campus YMCA Cage Court in Durham on various dates through out the summer leading up the tournament.

When does registration open?

Registration for August Madness 2019 will be opening soon

Does my whole team get to attend the Draft?

Each team will be provided 2 tickets to The Draft. Additional tickets for the team, family and friends are available for purchase CLICK HERE

Can I get extra tickets to the Draft?

Yes! This is going to be a wonderful night to share with family and friends. Tickets will be available for  purchase.

I have a Silent Auction Item to donate, how can I do that?

Thank you! Your Silent Auction Donation will help us to raise even more. Please contact us at events@bridge2sports.org

Is there a list of Silent Auction items anywhere?

All of our auction items will be posted on our Silent Auction site prior to August Madness for bidding

Can I register for the Silent Auction and bid if I am not at the Draft?

We utilized an online Silent Auction system that allows bidders to come in from all over the world, virtually. Be sure to check back to our site as the auction gets closer to see how to be part of the silent auction even if you are not at The Draft.

Will there be medical staff at the tournament?

Yes, we will have medical staff available at the tournament in case of any injuries or other medical emergencies.

Can I sign up to volunteer for the event?

If you are interested in volunteering with August Madness please contact events@bridge2sports.org