Register for August Madness

August Madness provides the opportunity for everyone to join the adapted sports movement by participating in an exciting day of wheelchair basketball all while supporting the mission of Bridge II Sports!

Put together a team of 4-7 athletes to experience the fun of wheelchair basketball and play in a double-elimination tournament on the floor at PNC Arena.  Each team will pick an All-Star 5th player to join their team at our All-Star Draft and Silent Auction taking place the night before the tournament!

Teams can range in size from 4-7 players. Each team is guaranteed 3 – 15 minute round robin games in their 4 team bracket. Top teams from the bracket will move on to the single-elimination tournament.

Team Registration Fee: $100

Donation Pledge: Minimum $1000

Number of teams: Up to 32 Teams

Number of Players on a Roster: 4-7 players

Rosters can include able-bodied and disabled players.

Training at the Cage available for athletes new to the sport.

CAPTAIN’S GUIDE: How to setup your team donation page on Crowdrise

Each player on your roster is required to register for your team through our registration portal. Team members will not have to pay a registration fee to add themselves to a team rosters but must accept all terms and releases.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT required to join the Active Club Membership ($69.95) during your registration, but if you are already a member you will save $6.88 on the Active fee charged for registration. If you don’t want to be charged for the membership, just click “No Thanks” when given the option to purchase during registration.

How to Get started:

  • Register Your Team

    Your team captain should register your team first and create your Crowdrise Donation Page.
    You do not need to know all the players on your team at time of registration. Players can be added to your roster later.

    Team Captains, register yourself then create your team. There is a $100 registration fee and fee that you will need to pay to complete your team’s registration.

  • Individual Team Members

    Each player will be asked to register individually and sign waivers through the registration process for them to participate. While registering themselves, they will be able to select the team to join, if the team has been created already by the team captain.

  • Your Donation Page

    Each team will have a Donation page. Captains be sure to set up your Crowdrise page as soon as possible (click here for how to do that). The more time you have to raise money the better chance you have of getting that #1 draft spot.

  • Share Your Page

    Share your Crowdrise page with Colleagues, friends, and family. If each player on your team is able to get $25 donations from 10 people you will reach your $1000 donation pledge in no time! Also, talk to your employers about matching donation programs.

    Do you need some ideas for fundraising? Try these fundraising ideas. 

    Bridge II Sports is a registered 501c3 and can work with your company to match any donations made by your work colleagues and count those towards your team totals. Crowdrise is directly connected with Bridge II Sports so you can be assured your donations will make an impact with us! 


If your team does not reach their minimum $1000 donation pledge, your team will be asked to make up the difference before being eligible to draft an All-Star player.

Having Trouble?

If you’re having trouble registering please contact our Tournament Director Casey Barnett at 970–819–3621 and he will be happy to help you guide you through the registration process.