with blue sky above and man hits a drive on golf course from a solo rider adapted cart
wooden hiking bridge going through woods. America the Beautiful National Parks Hike
High school student, Jillian, sits in racing chair on track smiling wearing helmet and team tanktop uniform
bronze medal shaped like the state of ohio from jack attack boccia tournament
athlete in wheelchair plays boccia with college students from Duke sitting next to her
college students at Elon University play wheelchair basketball
Bridge 2 Sports face mask
young man in wheelchair poses next to Ashley Thomas, also seated in a wheelchair. DJ equipment behind them
Wes Hall, man with right leg amputation, stands in front of middle school students seated on gym floor
tandem cyclists ride on road. Woman pedaling in back has arms raised with enjoyment.
collage of Bridge 2 Sports girl and women athletes playing wheelchair basketball, archery, kayaking, boccia, cycling and posing with medals. The woman in the middle top ride a recument trike.
Karen Stallings sits in wheelchair smiling with raised arm throwing a boccia ball
prescription pad with 'Go To Bridge II Sports' written on it
Boy sidts on yellow handcycle smiling at camera. He has a below the knee left leg amputation. He is wearing sunglasses and a helmet with mohawk spikes on it.
2 images. Photo 1: 14 middle school students sit on a gym floor 6 feet from each other with backs turned to the camera. They are looking at Coach Akeem in wheelchair and Coach Wes single legged amputee while they present. Photo 2: Middle school studetns sit in sport wheelchairs focused on Coach Wes.
3 photos in a collage. The top photo: an instructor shows a group of seven adults students the proper archery stance. All have their arms bent with fists together at the chest. Some are sitting, some are standing. One student is using a wheelchair. Photo 2: a man stands with a mask on holding a red recurve bow. Photo 3: students sit at tables with heads looking down at paper while taking a test. text reads "Test Time!"
drawing of two stick figures with quote bubble reading 'VFC Logo Design Challenge'
Bridge 2 Sports Logo
Eight golf bags with clubs on Bridge 2 Sports porch
teen boy and teen girl sitting in sport wheelchairs waving wearing masks. a sign between them reads 'You are Unstoppable' Ablilty Equipped The Hartford
4 male college students standing in mulch holding shovels, rakes and a wheelbarrow. All are wearing masks.
close up of man wearing helmet sitting on a recumbent cycle
young man wearing baseball cap holding microphone
large riding lawn mower with man, Jeff Braddy from Latta Brothers, standing behind it.

Meet Buttercup

young boy in handcycle
Picture of Bridge 2 Sports COVID-19 policy with Lysol spray, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes
10 pictures in various stages of Bridge 2 Sports youth athlete making molds of her hands to fabricate wheelchair racing gloves
logo Points of Light Certified Service Enterprise 2020 to 2023
Picutre of man with left leg amuptuation on recumbent trike. Quote "This Recumbent is Awesome! I was able to log 114 miles in my first week. I can't thank you enough. There is no way I could do any of this without your help." Chris- Marine Veteran, Valor Games SE athlete and Bridge 2 Sports Athlete
Bridge 2 Sports Logo
Young woman standing in front of Bridge 2 Sports sign new intern Sheridyn
picture of man golfing from a wheelchair. Text reads Getting back in the swing of things this June
Collage of all Bridge II Sports staff photos
Picture of Kay
picture of Bridge 2 Sports office with text Porch Time and Bridge 2 Sports logo
Bridge 2 Fit Challenging Perceptions of Disability One Rep at a Time with Jessica and Akeem
Kathy waving
jessica playing goalball
Bridge 2 Fit Challenging Perceptions of Disability One Rep at a Time with Jessica and Akeem
Bridge 2 Sports Logo
Bridge 2 Sports Logo
Bridge 2 Sports Logo
Six people in a circle standing on yoga mats at Bridge 2 Sports Goalball practice on February 10. Each person is standing with one leg outstretched to the back and both arms outstretched above their heads. Jessica Long is in the center of the circle providing direction.
End Child Sexual Abuse d2l.org
Jessica participating at August Madness (2019)
group picture of last Bridge 2 Sports cycling satruday of 2019 season at Bond Park
two tandem cycling teams in action during BikeFeest 2019
End Child Sexual Abuse d2l.org
Man standing shooting archery next to man seated in wheelchair shooting archery

At wheelchair basketball tourney, fierce game faces can’t hide the exuberance of play

By Anne Blythe ablythe@newsobserver.com February 12, 2017 RALEIGH The clank of wheelchairs colliding and sound of basketballs springing off the Carmichael Gymnasium floor echoed throughout the N.C. State University recreation center over the weekend. Ashley Thomas, founder and executive director of Bridge II Sports, was on the sidelines, watching with pride as two teams competed Sunday morning, racing up and down the basketball court at all-out speed.

Sooey! BIIS Hosts Hog Wild Tournament to Declare Carolina Braggin' Rights

On Saturday January 28, the three varsity youth wheelchair basketball teams in North Carolina collided at the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatics Center for a full day of competitive hoops to determine who would take home the Pig Trophy this year and earn Carolina braggin' rights.

The Untold Bathroom Story

Are you ready for some potty talk? There has been a lot of conversation about bathrooms in North Carolina lately, and I would like to add the perspective of the members of our communities with disability.

BIIS Invitational Team Showing Off Skills at NCState Halftime

Bridge II Sports will be invading Wolfpack Nation on Thursday December 22, 2017 to give the crowd at PNC Arena a taste of wheelchair basketball.

U.S. Paralympics recognizes Bridge II Sports for excellence

December 5, 2016 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ― U.S. Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic Committee, today announced that Bridge II Sports has been recognized as a GOLD level club as a part of the Paralympic Sport Club Excellence Program

New Lake Crabtree dock offers access to athletes with disabilities

By Abbie Bennett abennett@newsobserver.com About 20 years ago, Carol Rogers fell and injured her spine, paralyzing her from the waist down. She has been using a wheelchair since then. Fast-forward about 14 years, and Rogers found herself out of her wheelchair and in a kayak for the first time, and not a regular one either – a racing kayak, far more narrow and unstable than the traditional craft.

5th Annual August Madness Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

Bridge II Sports is excited to host the 5th annual August Madness Wheelchair Basketball Tournament fundraiser Friday August 12th, 2016 at PNC Arena in Raleigh. August Madness provides the opportunity for organizations to join the adapted sports movement by participating in an exciting day of wheelchair basketball all while supporting the mission of Bridge II Sports.