Allen Owens, our spring Occupational Therapy student intern from Mary Baldwin University, completed his Doctoral Capstone Experience this past week and left us with an incredible gift!

Planning, researching, and conceptualizing prior to his time at BIIS, Allen wanted to complete a video project that would educate AND inspire those unfamiliar with adapted sports to get involved, including practitioners, teachers, and people with physical disabilities.

During his internship, Allen became a familiar face joining in at programs where he got to know our athletes and made them feel right at home in front of the camera for interviews.

In conjunction with the video, he created an accompanying adapted sports pamphlet and placed them at several locations in the community.

We are so grateful to Allen for bringing this vision to life, to all in the BIIS community that were involved, and to Josh Powell Creative for professionally editing the project.

Take a 12 minute break from whatever you are doing,
grab some popcorn,
sit back…
and without further ado we present to you
the world premiere —