Over the weekend of April 24-25,  Bridge II Sports hosted an intensive Level 1 & 2 Archery Instructor Certification Course led by USA Archery Certified Coach Brian Bennett.

During two FULL days of instruction and testing, participants, including Coach Akeem, volunteer Ainsley and several BIIS athletes, studied:

  • The National Training System ‘Steps of Shooting’ for recurve and compound
  • Proper set up and maintainance of equipment
  • Strategies for athlete development
  • …and of course, range safety

We are excited that athletes wanted to take their archery ‘know-how’ to the next level and can now assist with instruction and mentoring at our BIIS programs!

3 photos in a collage. The top photo: an instructor shows a group of seven adults students the proper archery stance. All have their arms bent with fists together at the chest. Some are sitting, some are standing. One student is using a wheelchair. Photo 2: a man stands with a mask on holding a red recurve bow. Photo 3: students sit at tables with heads looking down at paper while taking a test. text reads "Test Time!"