Calling all artists

Getting bored at home right now?
…that wasn’t really a question…we know you are 🙂

Well, we’ve got a project for you!

Last year one of our athletes, Ashlyn, created some incredible artwork
for our end-of-year cards.

We wanted to keep that tradition alive in 2020!

So get your supplies out and your creativity on —
Show us what adapted sports & BIIS means to you!

Our theme is ‘Challenging Perceptions’ -think about how adapted sports
challenges your perceptions of yourself,
people with disabilties and others in your community.

You can show us what you feel like when you are playing adapted sports,
what you like most about playing or
how your life is different because you play sports.

Design a piece of artwork in ANY medium you choose-
paint, crayons, markers, colored pencils, collage, tissue paper,
graphic design, scrapbooking…you could even write a poem.

Landscape 8 1/2 x 11 inch is best (just a regular piece of paper on it’s side).

Scan or take a picture of your creation and send to Brad at

We’ll look over all designs as a team, pick one or two for the card and…
if we get enough designs we may even make a Bridge II Sports 2021 Calendar!

This is open to ALL in our Bridge II Sports Community-
youth athletes, adult athletes, Veterans, volunteers, siblings, family members, and supporters.

Thank you and have fun creating!