The end of the year is with us once again.

The last two months of our calendar year have messages that challenge our attitudes, character, actions to consider goodwill, giving, and looking at oneself through lenses of thankfulness.

I do the same regarding myself, my family, and Bridge II Sports as I am so woven in the fabric.
I am thankful for the impact we continue to make.  We have a 92% college or tech school graduate rate of our youth athletes; 2 youth have grown to be on US Paralympic teams; creating impact in NC Public schools; and a Board that empowers challenges for growth, leadership by example, and grit to roll up their sleeves to support the work that needs to be done.  I am thankful for the core staff at Bridge II Sports who have been carrying a load more than most because they believe in the mission.  I am thankful for our many community partners, sponsors, donors, and volunteers.  I could not do what I do without them.

I am thankful for the families and athletes who dared to try.  Currently a campaign has been going on through our Bridge II Sports Facebook “Bridge II ___________:  What’s Your Word?” encouraging you to share what Bridge II Sports builds a bridge to in your life.  Many have shared their words:  Recovery, Freedom, Independence, Yes!, Being Whole Again, Confidence, Friendship, Perspective. 
“Bridge II” impacts our world in many ways:
through sports to create acceptance, confidence, and how to live independently; through community as we share adapted sports education to many corporations to empower seeing outside the box in the workplace;
through competition to challenge those who dare to try at a high-level;
through our state in the Public-school outreach program;
through advocacy making space, medical, and insurance more accessible.
Bridge II Sports empowers independence, change, community, and inclusion.

Are we done?…No!

The last 10 years have given a tremendous amount of growth.  Growth leads to new horizons and new paths.  Over the next 10 months, the Board and Staff of Bridge II Sports will be working on a larger foundation to support the work, athletes, staff, and impact.  As we engage in the plan for the “Next 10” years, please be patient with us.  Some programs will be put on hold as we develop a more robust training program for staff and volunteers to empower sustainable growth.

What do we wish for in the “Next 10”? A collegiate wheelchair basketball program in the ACC.  A college program for sitting volleyball, boccia, and goalball to embrace the impact in the NC Public Schools.  Training to empower others to join the movement of high quality adapted sports programming enabling growth, inclusion, and acceptance that disability is not a limit.  Hmmm… perhaps a training center that enables us to grow the impact beyond our state borders.

I wish each of you find something to be thankful for; that hope would burn strong in your hearts and minds; that we would all find a way to give back a piece of what we were given.

Love to you all,