From June 28- July 2, 2017 Coach Abby and Miles, one of the BIIS Junior Thunder players, participated in the University of Illinois Wheelchair Basketball Camp and Coaches Clinic in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  The U of I Varsity Adaptive Athletics Program is a powerhouse and sets the example for making competitive adaptive sports equal to all collegiate sports.

While Miles was honing his skills on the court with other elite junior players from around the country, Coach Abby was soaking in the entire experience and gaining insights from the best coaches nationwide to bring back to her work at Bridge II Sports.  Here are some of her thoughts on this invaluable opportunity:

“It was an honor and privilege to learn from an established collegiate program and its coaches at the University of Illinois Wheelchair Basketball Individual Skills Coaches Clinic. The curriculum was packed with knowledge promoting a holistic coaching style worth pursuing. Pouring over the materials provided has increased my aptitude and confidence as a wheelchair basketball coach.

But more importantly, camp provided an open forum to collaborate with other coaches and athletes. Staff and participants alike were vulnerable and willingly shared their own stories and experiences. Authentic relationships left more of an impact than the notes scribbled on a piece of paper.

And the best part of all – the knowledge shared now travels around the country, imparted on other coaches and athletes. The experience was about more than just me. It has a long-lasting effect. An experience like this progresses the potential of wheelchair basketball. An experience like this unites the ambitions of the Paralympic Movement.”