Bridge II Fit Challenging Perceptions of Disability One Rep at a Time with Jessica and Akeem

At Bridge II Sports, we value healthy lifestyles through various sport activities. The program staff have created some simple strength training videos to help you all keep in shape while at home.  Big thanks to Jessica, BIIS Occupational Therapy Doctorate Intern, for assisting with this resource.

The exercises, in this two-part workout video series, will focus on main muscle groups, as well as secondary muscle groups, which are often overlooked.

Before beginning the WORKOUT #1 video make sure to watch ‘ Bridge II Sports — Bridge II Fit Let’s Get Started’ for general guidelines, tips on body mechanics and suggestions for ‘at-home’ exercise tools.

We also advise you to watch the ‘technique’ videos for each exercise for instruction on proper execution

We want to hear about your workout!
On MONDAY, April 20 at 1:00 pm EST we will  host a Zoom Meeting to answer any questions and share at-home workout stories, successes, and discoveries.
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Note:  Reps in each set in “Work out with staff” videos can be increased by your discretion so that you feel some fatigue by the last two reps.

Disclaimer: You should follow the medical advice of and inform your physicians and/or physical therapist before starting an exercise program to ensure you are in good physical condition to exert yourself.  Performing these exercises is at your discretion and should be stopped if you feel any pain while performing them.