Pamela Moncree, owner/operator and the staff of  Chick-fil-a Hillsborough Rd, Durham, surprised Ashley Thomas, Founder and CEO of Bridge II Sports, with a gift of $15,000 from the Chick-fil-a Foundation to continue the life-impacting work of the organization in creating opportunities for people with physical disabilities through adapted sports.

“We are strong because we have community who are strong and support! We are so grateful for Pamela and David Moncree and the Chick-fil-A Foundation. Building the Bridge together!”
– Ashley Roudebush Thomas, Founder and CEO Bridge II Sports

Ms. Moncree was featured in a video at the annual Chick-fil-a Convention highlighting her committment to the community including here work with Bridge II Sports. The Moncrees and CFA-Hillsborough Road have supported BIIS every step of the way since the very beginning putting their heart into their actions including providing lunch every year for ALL our Valor Games Southeast athletes and volunteers.  Mr. and Ms. Moncree are always right there serving our Veterans making sure everything is perfect.

We are truly blessed to have them and the entire CFA-Hillborough Rd. family in our lives!