Join us at our Annual Bridge II Sports End-of-Year Celebration on Friday, November 22nd.

A tradition that brings together BIIS athletes, volunteers, supporters, and ALL in our community for a relaxing evening of good food, good friends- old & new, and good times reminiscing over a GREAT year!

This year we’ll be ‘Chili’n Out’ at BIIS headquarters with a potluck-style chili dinner. We’ll have the chili- please feel free to bring a dish to share if you’d like.

Before the craziness of the holiday season, take a break from it all, and celebrate our incredible Bridge II Sports community and the power of adapted sports that has brought us all together.

All children under 18 attending: please bring a small wrapped gift, $10 or under to participate in the sneaky snowman gift exchange. This will take place at approximately 7 pm