Bridge II Sports scheduled events and programs will be
‘on pause’ extended until at least April 30th

During our virtual staff meeting this past Monday there were sighs, sadness and even some tears about how much all of us at Bridge II Sports miss all of you.

We’ve always known how important it is to come together to play sports, but right now, more than ever, we really feel and understand how truly special that time is to all of us. It’s a powerful reminder of just how irreplaceable sports and actually ‘being together’ is in our lives.

As much as we wish we could get together and play, Bridge II Sports programs and events will continue to be ‘on pause’ until at least April 30th. 
Following in line with the recent Executive Order 120 from the state, the health and safety of everyone in our community is paramount.

During these next few difficult weeks we want
you to know that WE ARE HERE.

You will continue to receive regular communication from Bridge II Sports with some fun things to engage in- keep checking your inbox and social media!

Our awesome coaches will continue to personally reach out to athletes and teams.

…and as always we will continue to be just a phone call or email away…even if you just want to say ‘hello’…we are here.

Looking forward to being together again soon,

Your Bridge II Sports Team