We are excited to be a Work Study Partner organization with Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School again this year. Our students last year were a big help in all areas of the mission and brought fresh, young energy to the office. We know that is going to be the case again especially since 2 of our students have returned as sophomores!

Learn more about Cristo Rey from Sarah.

A big thank you to Frank and Shelayne Sutton for making this partnership possible.

Bridge II Sports staff Kathy, Logan, & Brad with our 2022-23 student team
at ‘Cristo Rey Draft Day’

And now a word from a Cristo Rey student

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a sophomore at Cristo Rey’s wonderful high school here in Durham.

I believe Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School is one of the best high schools in North Carolina because of our work study program. Students are in school 4 days a week and then work one day each week at an organization or company.

I’m a ‘Tuesday Cohort’ so I go to work on Tuesday- same for others on different days. With this job experience when we graduate we will have enough knowledge to be ahead of game.

I worked at Bridge II Sports last year and chose to work here again this year. I really do like Bridge II Sports and I think what they are doing is great if you have a disability and want to get active.

This year I will be working in Marketing presenting this amazing organization in the brightest light. I’m excited to work in a new area and try a lot of new things.
And you’re in luck because four of our students (including me) are working at Bridge II Sports. One of us is here every day of the week!
I am looking forward to sharing my experiences here with you throughout the year.