You never know where the ripples of connection are going to lead–

We got a call at Bridge II Sports from Board Member Bill Marty that a co-worker at MetLife, Lynn, had – SURPRISE! – over 150 pairs of shoes ready to donate to the BIIS Shoe Drive!

…well, she either has an extremely large closet or there has to be a great story behind this 🙂

Members of CrossFit Brier Creek group photo

We caught up with Lynn to schedule a pick up and found out that she had been introduced to Bridge II Sports when she ran in the Brierdale Ale Trail last March with CrossFit Brier Creek (BIIS was the non-profit beneficiary of the event).  Then in August she played on the MetLife ‘Dream Team’ at our August Madness wheelchair basketball tournament fundraiser.

Lynn had read about the BIIS Shoe Drive in the newsletter and had an idea of how to help.  As a member of CrossFit Brier Creek she reached out directly to the owner, who just happens to also be her husband Kirk!  Didn’t take much convincing to include a ‘shoe donation challenge’ in the 5-week intramural CrossFit games open event at the gym. Participants in the games earned ‘bonus points’ for their teams with shoes donated.

We picked up a mini-van full of awesome, ready-to-go shoes last week from the gym!  Lynn and Kirk had even made sure shoes were in good condition, clean and laces tied together.

We are so grateful to Lynn and Kirk for seeing an opportunity and taking initiative to share their community with us!

Thanks to all that took on the challenge at CrossFit Brier Creek— strong in body and heart!