We believe experience is the best teacher.
By allowing people without disabilities to get in a sport chair, sit on the floor to play volleyball, or use a ramp for boccia we see minds open to the opportunities available to people with disabilities in ways that ‘just hearing about it’ cannot.

That’s why it felt so good after 2 years to be back on the court again on March 19 for the annual Adapted Sports Event at Duke University with over 200 Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Occupational Therapy students.

During 3 packed sessions, groups rotated through sport stations.  Students had the chance to learn next to adapted sports athletes and expert coaches while getting a first-hand glimpse at what it takes to play these sports.

Big SHOUT OUT to BIIS athletes Ashlyn, Julian, Deja, Elianna, Katie, Kay, and Triangle Thunder players for volunteering to share their love of sport!

Bridge 2 Sports Coach Daisy give instruction to duke students on use of boccia ramps

Can’t thank the respective faculty from the Duke PT, PA, and OT programs enough for believing in the importance of this day and making it happen.

As these students prepare to embark on careers in the medical field, we hope their experiences Saturday challenged their perceptions of what is possible for people with physical disabilities and encourages them to incorporate adapted sports in treatment goals.

duke college students play sitting volleyball
duke student shoots basketball during game of wheelchair basketball

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