young man wearing baseball cap holding microphone

“I can’t imagine sports not being a part of my life.
Sports have given me so much, that I want everyone
to always have the chance to be part of what sports offer.
It’s important to know we are all the same because
we all have the same emotions, we all want friends, we all want to play.
But it’s also important to know we all face different challenges,
so we all have something to learn from each other.”

Ryan StinesFounder, Endless Sports

Seven years ago Ryan Stines was challenged by his parents to find a way to use his passion and talents to give back to the community. Ryan decided to put his love for sports into action creating Endless Sports, an organization to make sure that all kids could benefit from the lessons and joy that playing sports provides.

After attending the first August Madness Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, Ryan and his family reached out to Bridge II Sports to determine how to expand their understanding of adapted sports. The Endless Sports Wheelchair Basketball Tournament was born! Similar to Bridge II Sports’ August Madness, this tournament allowed people with and without disabilities to experience wheelchair basketball first-hand opening eyes to the speed, competition and skill of adapted sports. Over 5 years the event generously raised over a combined $12,000 for Bridge II Sports!

Through Ryan’s initiative and heart, Endless Sports has donated over $5000 of sports equipment to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Raleigh and Durham, provided lacrosse clinics at Camp High Hope and ‘Try It Lacrosse Clinics’ for athletes with disabilities. Ryan even teamed up with Bridge II Sports to introduce the University of North Carolina Lacrosse Team to wheelchair lacrosse which was a major step as we continue to push for adapted programming in the ACC.

With COVID-19 restrictions this year, Endless Sports has not been able to move forward with planned programs. Ryan decided to donate $2500 in support of Bridge II Sports programming and mission. We are so deeply thankful and awed by the initiative and generosity of this young man.

Ryan will be graduating from high school in 2021 and will be pursuing his passion for lacrosse at the next level with a commitment to play at the University of Utah.  We are so excited to see how he continues to make a difference in this world. We will be forever grateful for the impact and perspectives changed because of an idea of a 9 year old and his family, friends, and community that helped make it happen.

From Ashley

Thank you Ryan and Stines family  for all you have done over the years.  I think of the awareness for so many youth to see that another form of basketball and lacrosse can be played by another group of youth.  Sometimes I wonder, what has been the impact of the event we have done together over the years?  Whose eyes were opened?  Was fear overcome?  Did parents see another way, changing the fear of looking at sports differently?
YES, to all of the above – you have made a difference! 

I want you to know how much I have valued your commitment, time, and how you engaged the community on our behalf.  You gave us strength and helped bring down the barriers of discrimination.  I will never forget.  Ryan, I wish you well as you continue your journey in life.  Be bold, continue to make a difference!

Ashley Thomas
Bridge II Sports
Founder & CEO