The Girls Inspired, Girls Empowered (GiGe) program at Bridge II Sports aims to create a safe, fun space for girls with disabilities, and the important women in their lives, to meet one another and grow together.

Girls with disabilities face added difficulties to the already challenging task of ‘growing up a girl’.
From maintaining differing body needs, to stares of misunderstanding from others, to the harsh reality of inaccessibility, girls with disabilities ‘stick out’ during a time when they want to ‘fit in’.

GiGe fills that space of difficulty with community, advocacy, INSPIRATION and EMPOWERMENT.  Through fun activities, open conversations, and sports GiGe participants can share and learn from each other, discover their voice, and find strength and pride in who they are.

Female family members are encouraged to join so they can learn and serve as strong supports as these girls travel the journey to empowerment.

We are very excited to be able to offer this much needed program again at Bridge II Sports. Please join us for a GiGe TEAm PARTY to get to know one another and chart a course forward.

Date: Sunday September 12
Time: 2 to 4 pm
Where: Bridge II Sports, 3729 Murphy School Road, Durham
Questions: email or call 866-880-2742
RSVP required