Bridge II Sports is honored to be RECERTIFIED as a Living Wage Employer by Orange County Living Wage.

“Non-profit work is demanding- everyone on our small but mighty team at Bridge II Sports wears several hats to fulfill the mission. By paying the 2022 living wage of $15.85/hr or higher we feel like we are making a statement that work in adapted sports is important and those dedicated to serve deserve fair wages. Even though we have a long way to go in the non-profit industry towards true salary equality and affordable benefits we are proud to be challenging perceptions of non-profit work and to be recognized by Orange Country Living Wage.”

Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sport Founder and CEO

Orange County Living Wage is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization that certifies, recognizes, and promotes Orange County, NC businesses that pay a living wage and assists workers seeking living wage jobs. 

Through their employer certification program, they recognize local businesses and organizations who pay the 2022 living wage of $15.85 per hour, or $14.35 per hour if the employer pays at least half the cost of health insurance.

Inspired by the success of the nation’s leading living wage certification program, Asheville’s Just Economics, OCLW formed in 2015 to address the effects of the state’s unrealistically low wage floor: the $7.25 federal minimum wage, which has not changed since 2009.

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