Lock Laces® Provides Generous Offer to #BridgeNation

One very special company with a special product near and dear to Bridge II Sports has come to us during these difficult times with a generous display of support but first I would like to share a story of impact.

If you know Bridge II Sports you know Lock Laces® -the original no-tie shoelaces. This organization has donated to everything that we do- including major funds for our accessible bus AND our new truck to keep us moving.

A few years ago, they donated pairs of Lock Laces® for our end-of-year athlete/family party.  Being thrilled to get the gift, one of our young BIIS athletes, Mason, wanted to see how they would work in his shoes. He picked a blue pair to match his blue sneakers. 

The blue Lock Laces® were woven into his sneakers, trimmed, locked, and ready to try on.  Mason began to put on his shoes.  It took his determination and a little time, as his disability challenged his young fingers to coordinate.  A small group of adults were watching with bated breath, offering encouraging words (No pressure bud😉).

Mason got his first shoe on using just one finger to tighten the laces. He proudly looked up at us, and said, “I did it!” with a beaming smile.  No help needed!  He proceeded to do the next shoe with confidence.  This was the first time Mason had been able to put on his own shoes. Up to that point it had become part of his younger brother’s role to help Mason with his shoes daily.
What a gift of independence that evening for two brothers!

The older brother able to grow in his own ability and independence as he could put on his own shoes.  The younger brother also found a new independence.  Something often taken for granted, like tying a shoe, created profound impact.

I am a believer in Lock Laces® for the elite runners, triathletes, and for those of us who need the ease of tightening up a shoe with a gentle pull, or, the flexibility of a lace with swelling feet, like me.  Lock Laces® are a great product because it works for all.

During this time of uncertainty, Lock Laces® was thinking of us and reached out with another generous gift to help us keep our doors open and continue the impact of adapted sports.
For all purchases made on locklaces.com using the code: BRIDGE10 you will get 10% off + free shipping AND…drum roll…Bridge II Sports will receive 25% of the purchase as a donation.

Get 10% off plus free shipping at locklaces.com with code BRIDGE10. 25% of sales will go to Bridge 2 Sports. Coupon code does not apply to already discounted items.

I am asking you to check out locklaces.com and pick up a pair, or two, or three- for yourself, people in your life and for those essential workers doing so much for us right now. One less thing to do before or after a long shift!

Trying times can shift one’s perspective and help find new understanding. I have growing compassion for those who are isolated and cannot get out, regardless of COVID-19.  I have learned what products and services really matter in making our lives easier and the world more accessible… and which ones I can do without. I certainly appreciate on-line grocery shopping and curb side pick-up! In the same way I appreciate Lock Laces® and the small but mighty and compassionate team behind them right here in the Triangle that have created a product that makes everyBODY’s lives easier.

Sometimes it is the simple things that we forget in these times. Take a moment and look at what is challenging you and see if a different view may help you succeed during our time of social isolation.

Bridge II Sports Founder & CEO Ashley Thomas shares the news of an amazing way to support BIIS, a small business, your community and create independence. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN– check it out!