Many of you in our Bridge II Sports family know Ryan Hayford as an incredible volunteer with our Team PRIDE youth wheelchair basketball team who has also put his videography talents to work for Bridge II Sports to help tell our story.

We are excited AND honored that Ryan chose to run and raised over $1000 on our behalf in his Month2Run Challenge this November!
He hit his 100 mile goal and is still going!

The Month2Run initiative started with Kendall Reyes, a former professional football player drafted by the San Diego Chargers, who played several seasons in the NFL and is a hometown hero in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Kendall hosts an annual charity and fundraising event (REYES Field Day) and has always been a positive force within the community.  He’s a strong proponent of sports and competition. After competing with hometown friends, Michael Salis, Jeremy Fontaine, and Ryan Hayford for a friendly running competition back in May 2020, he decided this could be a great opportunity to raise awareness for charities of their choosing.

2 men - Ryan Hayford and Kendell Reyes sitting on a coach. Both men are wearing matching gray suits with black ties adn ar elooking at the camera.

Kendall Reyes and Ryan Hayford

After a few brief discussions, the group agreed to participate in the Month2Run initiative to stay fit, have some fun, and share their stories within their communities and networks.  Jeremy Fontaine (representing the New England Zoo) and Kendall Reyes (Boys & Girls Club) will compete against Michael Salis (running for Alzheimer’s) and Ryan Hayford (representing Bridge II Sports).  Month2Run is proud of all those who have committed to sponsoring each of these men and their causes as well as several others that have decided to run for their own charities during November.

You can still support Ryan’s run for Bridge II Sports and help spread the word by sharing his donation site 

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Check out this video shot and produced by Ryan that shows so perfectly what
Bridge II Sports is all about.