After 6 years of passionate dedication H.C. Woody Woodward has announced his retirement from the Bridge II Sports Board.

No doubt that if you have had ANY involvement with Bridge II Sports or Valor Games SE over these years you have met this Happy Camper (he claims that is what the H.C. stands for)  who has committed his life to his country, his fellow veterans and creating opportunities for adventure for people of all abilities.

We will miss Woody’s seasoned leadership on the board but are excited for the adventures he has ahead. Plus we will certainly see him around Valor Games SE and at BIIS events!

Ashley has had a special journey with Woody over these years.  Take a minute to read from her perspective the impact he has had on BIIS, the community and her life:

I am honored to have journeyed with a Green Beret over the last six years, serving the mission of Bridge II Sports, and working to ensure life giving events and programs are available for Veterans living with disability.

Woody and I have traversed many meetings with the DOT, Parks and Recreation, Commissioner meetings, (to say a few!) supporting access to opportunities for adapted sport.

Woody spent endless hours helping us complete the most Accessible Dock in the country at Lake Crabtree Park. We cannot forget he got the permanent speedbumps removed for the cycling event at the Park too. The Valor Games SE athletes really appreciated that.

Woody engaged in relentless communication to rally accessible transportation for Valor Games Southeast.

Woody was always present at every Bridge II Sports Event with his warm smile, encouraging words to all, with his strength of character that supported all the staff.

Woody is dependable, reliable, honest, compassionate, kind, as well as a formidable asset to getting things done.  As he often would say, “I take no prisoners.”

For me personally, when I first met Woody, I wondered what my Dad may have looked like sitting across the table.  My Dad served in the Korean War and has been gone many years.  I always looked at Woody through those eyes.  Woody would kindly give wisdom and share experience that gave me perspective.  When I would get frustrated, he would encourage me with words of hope.  When I needed to complain, he listened without judgement.

I am honored that I shared so many hours with Woody as a Board member and friend over the last 6 years.  Woody kindly gave me a photo of himself in his uniform.  He said, “Put that photo behind you.  I will always have your back.”  And he did.

Please, let’s do a shout out to Woody for all of his work.  Thank you Woody for all you gave to Bridge II Sports and me.  Keep an eye out, you Will see him at Valor Games Southeast 2020!

Please make a donation to support VGSE in his honor.
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