3 members of the Bridge II Sports Junior Thunder wheelchair basketball team and 2 of our program coordinators, Coaches Abby and Rachel, traveled to Alabama for the Southeastern Conference Wheelchair Basketball Camp at Lakeshore Foundation July 27-30 this summer.  With the camaraderie, fun and team-building that comes with travel and new experiences Coach Rachel also found that the larger goals of the future were always in sight.

“Attending this camp was a unique experience because it offered my first opportunity to learn more about wheelchair basketball outside of Jr. Thunder practices.
Anywhere you stood in Lakeshore’s gym, their massive “Olympic and Paralympic Training Facility” banner cast an intimidating shadow overhead. The banner was a constant reminder that what we were here to do, what we brought our athletes here to do, was a small step in reaching a much larger goal. For some, that goal was to continue to hone their skills, for others, it was to create new bonds and experience a new sport, and still for others, it was to prepare themselves for the transition into that next step out of their youth teams and into a college program. All of these goals were taking place underneath that banner. It was a glorious feeling to observe and learn from these coaches and these young athletes.”