We couldn’t do it without interns!
In true Bridge II Sports fashion we have two awesome students with us this spring…

Welcome Allen Owens – our 2022 Spring Capstone Project Intern
from Mary Baldwin University

If you are all of the sudden getting flashbacks to sitting in high school biology class when you meet him, it’s no coincidence. Prior to deciding to pursue his doctorate in Occupational Therapy, Allen was a high school science teacher for several years.

Outside the classroom, he fueled his lifelong passion for recreation and sports by helping coach track, basketball, baseball, and football.

Allen credits much of his decision to pursue his internship at Bridge II Sports to a presentation in graduate school given by a teaching assistant who had sustained a spinal cord injury from a ski accident. The assistant professed the impact adapted sports has had on his mental and physical health, as well as giving him a chance to bond with his daughter through sport – including surfing at adapted clinics.
Lesson to all you kids: pay attention in school, it just might change your life path!

During his internship Allen is working on a very important project creating Bridge II Sports educational videos and materials to share with Physical Education teachers.

These resources will highlight the importance and fun of adapted sports providing ways for teachers to incorporate adapted sports into their lesson plans for ALL students.

Excited to have Allen here and almost equally excited to try his cooking!  Allen claims to make a ‘mean fried rice’ inspired by his fiancé’s parents who used to own a Chinese restaurant.  Potluck anyone?!

Introducing our first ever Recreation Therapy Intern – Sarah Myers!

Under the supervision of Program Cultivator and resident LRT/CTRS Tyler (Licensed Recreation Therapist/Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist), Sarah will be completing her official 14-week Recreation Therapy internship for her degree from UNC-Greensboro.

A big thanks to Tyler for developing the manual and procedures to allow students who are dedicating their careers to recreation and disability to gain incredible first-hand experience right here at Bridge II Sports.

Sarah comes to us with a true passion and understanding of what ‘opportunity for everyBODY’ really means. Her brother has CMT, a degenerative nerve disease, and throughout his life he has been involved in a lot of different sports and activities. Sarah has been there as coaches and teachers took the time to adapt drills and plays, include him, and focus on his strengths. She sees that same attention to the athletes here at Bridge II Sports.

“BIIS doesn’t pity people with disabilities but encourages them to engage in recreation. They are changing people’s perceptions of what disability is, presenting people with disabilities as strong.”

Sarah is thrilled to learn all that she can about adapted equipment and sports during her internship and ultimately put that knowledge into practice with a career serving Veterans with disabilities in a VA hospital.

Hey Sarah – is that Macklemore’s sweater?  When she is not hunting for unique looks and fashion bargains at the thrift shop, she loves tapping her creative side through drawing, painting, or sewing AND her active side running and rock climbing.

Looking forward to seeing those complimentary sides at work as Sarah learns, grows, and supports the mission of BIIS this spring.

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