We posted a collage of pictures of BIIS athletes on Instagram for
‘National Women & Girls in Sports Day’.
One of our followers noticed something special:

collage of Bridge 2 Sports girl and women athletes playing wheelchair basketball, archery, kayaking, boccia, cycling and posing with medals. The woman in the middle top ride a recument trike.

“Several years ago, I was in an accident where a car hit me while I was riding my bike. I couldn’t ride on a two-wheel bike for a long time due to a shoulder injury that required surgery from that accident. I knew I wanted to keep riding, so I bought a recumbent trike and that changed my world!

After a couple of years of rehab, I went back to my two-wheeler while my trike just wasn’t being used anymore. I started looking into donating it to a local organization or person who could benefit from it as much as I did. Fortunately, I found Bridge II Sports and donated my much loved trike to them.

THAT trike is in the picture in the upper middle (of the post)! My wife was actually in a similar situation and also bought a trike…she also donated hers to Bridge II Sports!

A couple of years ago we were riding on the American Tobacco Trail and spotted the trike that I thought was one of our donated trikes. We ended up stopping for a break at the same place, and yes, it was one of ours!

I was so happy that you all are able to fulfill the dreams of people who still want to be active but may need adaptive equipment! I love Bridge II Sports, our community is so fortunate to have you!”

Those two trikes have gotten steady use at Bridge II Sports since they were donated introducing several athletes to the joy of cycling. In fact, one was used by a Veteran athlete to ride 609 miles in a month-long challenge. Other athletes that have gotten their start on those trikes have gone on to apply for grants for their very own. Two gifts that truly keep giving! 

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