The Madness is coming
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I want to start with a big THANK YOU to the Bridge II Sports team. This year has challenged us in how we fulfill the mission and keep the vision alive. We’ve had to dig deep and think outside of the box—and we did it! I am so proud of the impact we continue to have, even with COVID.

This year has been a very unusual one for all the world. I have grieved to see some nonprofits close their doors for a variety of reasons, but many due to funding limits. I need your help!

I want to recruit each of you to our Virtual Madness fundraiser. (In pre-COVID years, our annual event was called August Madness.) Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing with you how to join in the Madness of Virtual Madness. In our weeklong series of fun events (November 12–19), you will hear from our Athletes, volunteers, community members, and some amazing college and pro athletes, all of whom have joined in to help us stay alive. All of our events start at 6 pm and will be broadcast live on Facebook. Mark your calendars for some fun challenges and to see some of the amazing results that have already happened.

I do need your help. COVID has made a negative financial impact for our funding this year, and it’s already impacting next year from the grant perspective. We need to raise $100K. Please register and share. Our CFO Mary Christy said that if we get 4,000 donations of $25, we will meet our goal. So let’s get this party started!

Building the future of Bridge Together,


Here's How You Can Help

#1: Go to our Virtual Madness headquarters and RSVP for all five Facebook events . The events are peppered with laughter, challenge, and hope … from people you know!

#2: Visit and register so that you can be interactive during the live event with your donations.

#3: Share, share, share. As this is a social media event, we need your help to spread the word with all of your friends! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and please share all of our events. Your part in sharing is so important!