Thank YOU for making this incredible event a success for our Veterans and military with disabilities.

Valor Games SE would not be possible without your committment, energy and support!

Find information below to assist in preparing for your VGSE volunteer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Valor Games Southeast 2019?

Monday May 20th – Thursday May 23rd

How do I register to volunteer?

If you are an employee of MetLife, Cisco, RTI International or Wells Fargo a volunteer coordinator at your organization has a direct sign-up link for your company.  To connect to your coordinator contact



All volunteer spots are filled. Is there a wait list?

Volunteer positions fill up fast to volunteer at Valor Games Southeast.

We do have a waitlist sign up and will notify individuals when spots become available.

If you are unable to volunteer this year we highly encourage you to come out support our athletes at the games as a spectator.

What is ‘Volunteer Training’?

All VGSE volunteers are required to take part in Traumatic Brain Injury/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Training. Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for our athletes and all involved with VGSE through greater understanding of some of the issues our Veterans and Military face. Important volunteering logistics and information will also be covered as well so you will be prepared to create a great experience at the games for yourself and our athletes.

When you signed up to volunteer you should have choosen your training date and location:

Tuesday May 7th  
MetLife GTO Campus
210 MetLife Way, Cary
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Thursday May 9th
MetLife GTO Campus
210 MetLife Way, Cary
2:00pm – 3:30pm*
(*this training open to MetLife volunteers only)

Thursday May 9th
7025-11 Kit Creek Road, Bldg 11, RTP
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Sunday May 19th 
DoubleTree Hotel RDU/RTP
4810 Page Creek Lane, Durham

When and where are volunteer trainings?

Tuesday May 7th  
MetLife GTO Campus
210 MetLife Way, Cary
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Thursday May 9th
MetLife GTO Campus
210 MetLife Way, Cary
2:00pm – 3:30pm*
(*this training open to MetLife volunteers only)

Thursday May 9th
7025-11 Kit Creek Road, Bldg 7, RTP
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Sunday May 19th 
DoubleTree Hotel RDU/RTP
4810 Page Creek Lane, Durham

I missed my volunteer training. What do I do?

Please notify your volunteer lead for the possibility of attending a later training.

Unfornately if you do not attend training you will not be able to volunteer at VGSE.

What should I wear to volunteer?

Make sure to wear your official volunteer shirt. Your volunteer shirt helps us easily identify your role with VGSE. If you do not have your shirt you cannot volunteer.

Please wear pants or appropriate shorts and comfortable close-toed shoes.

Where do I park at UNC?

Where do I park at Duke?

There will be directional signage for parking at Duke.
Volunteers should park at the Science Drive Parking Garage.

Check in will be at the south entrance to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Where do I park at Lake Crabtree?

REMINDER: The gates to Lake Crabtree County Park will be closed once the athlete buses arrive and will not reopen until competition has ended.  All vehicles must be in the park no later than 7:30am.

There is one road in the park off of Aviation Parkway.

Volunteers can park in the first lot on the left once entering the park.  Once this lot is full please proceed to the lot at the far end of the park.

Volunteer Check-In will be on the patio near the tower over looking the lake on the path to the Boathouse Rentals and accessible dock.

Where are competitions at UNC?

All competition at UNC on Tuesday May 21 takes place on floor of the Dean Smith Center.

Boccia, Sitting Volleyball and Air Rifle

Where are competitions at Duke?

Wheelchair Basketball – Cameron Indoor Stadium

Indoor Rowing – Cameron Indoor Stadium

Archery – K-ville

Powerlifting – Wilson Recreation Center

Table Tennis – Hall of Honor  **Note: NEW Venue this year!

Lunch- Schraf Hall 2nd Floor

Where are competitions at Lake Crabtree?

Kayaking- accessible dock

Shot Put – on the lakefront north of the accessible dock

Advanced Archery – in the large multipurpose field

Cycling –
Set up: Boat rental lot area
Start: Beech shelter lot (short path to get from set up to start)
Course: 6 laps on road for 13.6K race; 9 laps for 20.5K race (distances are approximate)

How can I keep in touch with the athletes I meet at VGSE?

Due to confidentiality and privacy issues VGSE volunteers are not allowed to give or exchange contact information including email, social media or addresses with VGSE athletes.

Can I post on my social media accounts from VGSE?

We encourage you to share your involvement with the games on social media to increase awareness and broaden the reach of this incredible event.

There are few rules that we ask you to follow:

  1. If you take a photo ask those in the photo if they are ‘ok’ with you posting it on social media
  2. DO NOT photograph any person (athlete or volunteer) wearing a RED WRIST BAND. These individuals have opted not to sign the Bridge II Sports Media Consent waiver and prefer not to be photographed.
  3. Portray athletes positively with strength, respect and dignity.  Avoid use of language that alludes to pity or sympathy.
  4. Be mindful of when you are taking pictures so as not to interfere with competition or make the event a ‘spectacle’. Our goal is for Valor Games Southeast to be a safe, non-threatening environment for athletes with disablities to compete and connect through adapted sports.
  5. Please tag @ValorGamesSE in your posts and use hashtag #VGSE19
  6. DO NOT tag in individual athletes or identify them by name in your posts
  7. We encourage you to utilize person-first language
  8. Make sure to follow the social media guidelines of the organization you are representing at VGSE

I can’t remember what shift I signed up for.

Please check your Sign-up Genius account to find your shift.

What is a ‘Sport Lead’ and a ‘Volunteer Lead’?

VGSE Sport Leads are experts in the world of adapted sports and are in charge of the competitions in their respective sports at the games. They are in charge of the coordination, flow and competition of their specific event.

Volunteer Leads are a new role being introduced at VGSE19. Individuals have been hand picked to serve in these roles. The job of the Volunteer Lead is to support the Sport Lead by managing the volunteers assigned to that specific sport for the shift.  The Volunteer Lead will be your ‘supervisor’ during the event and your contact prior to the games.

Questions? or 866-880-2742

Valor Games Southeast 2019 Sponsors and Community Partners

Cisco <br> VGSE19 Co-Event Sponsor
Department of Veterans Affairs <br> Grant Partner
UNC Athletics
Duke Athletics
RTI International <br> VGSE19 Wheelchair Basketball Competition Sponsor
Wells Fargo <br> VGSE19 Archery & Cycling Sponsor
Independence Fund <br>VGSE19 Entertainment and Rowing Sponsor
Duke Energy <br> VGSE19 Day 1 Lunch Sponsor
Blue Cross Blue Shield <br>of North Carolina <br> VGSE19 Comfort Zone Sponsor
Van Products
Golden Corral <br>VGSE19 Refueling Sponsor
Triangle Volleyball Club <br> Sitting Volleyball Sponsor
USAA <br> VGSE19 Opening Ceremony Sponsor
Carolina Region Volleyball <br> Sitting Volleyball Sponsor
Chick-fil-A <br> VGSE19 Day 2 Lunch Sponsor
Durham Coke <br>VGSE19 Hydration Sponsor
GO Triangle<br>VGSE19 Athlete Transportation
GO Durham<br>VGSE19 Athlete Transportation
GO Raleigh<br>VGSE19 Athlete Transportation
Chapel Hill Transit<br>VGSE19 Athlete Transportation
Dream Out Loud <br> Videography Sponsor
Valor Games Southeast 2019