About Bridge II Sports

Bridge II Sports creates opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities to ‘Find The Player Within’ through the power of adaptive sports. We believe sport empowers and changes lives on and off the court and challenges perceptions of disability in our community. We are proud to provide over 11 sports year-round and special events like Valor Games Southeast, August Madness and Paddle!Lake Crabtree that bring together our athletes and the community to celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities.

We recognize the value and potential of all lives. Disability does not define people or outcomes.

Our Vision

By creating opportunities Bridge II Sports develops a culture of empowerment that fosters respect for all abilities and has a life changing impact on all humanity.

Our Mission

Bridge II Sports educates, develops and implements opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities to play individual, team and recreational sports, finding the player within.

Our Core Values

  • We treat all people with integrity as whole individuals and with deep respect.
  • We respect where each athlete is in their process of healing and growth.  Yet we also see what they cannot – that is, their true potential as a human being to be successful in life on their own terms.
  • In this light, we help each athlete create a path to achieve beyond where they are now, in integrity with themselves, however that looks.  Adaption allows for this integrity within competition.
  • We require accountability – for actions; for finances; for programs.  Every action is deliberate and aimed at a specific outcome.
  • We strive to raise awareness in every action, uncovering the abilities and potential of every person.
  • Everything we do creates positive change towards a more inclusive world.
  • Athletic programs, practices, and competitions are not our end game.  They are only tools for accomplishing our desired outcomes.
  • Independence, deep respect for self and others, confidence and accountability are the desired outcomes we seek for every athlete, parent, volunteer, staff member, donor, sponsor, board member and fan touched by BIIS.
  • BIIS employs high levels of adaptability in reaching its desired goals and outcomes with an unflagging commitment to the highest standards of performance.

Our Brand Promises

  • If one athlete shows up, we play.
  • Clear consistent and timely communication to the board, staff, athletes, sponsors, volunteers, and donors.
  • Consistent follow through to create the highest level of impact and alignment with the BIIS vision.
  • We provide the highest level of fiduciary accountability to funders, the BIIS Board of Directors, staff members and athletes.
  • We execute and deliver programs and events that enable life changing experiences and a growing positive impact on lives that can be sustained.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
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PNC Arena
Department of Veterans Affairs
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