Team PRIDE Hits the Road

On Saturday, February 25th, players from Team PRIDE hopped on the trusty Bridge II Sports bus for a good old-fashioned road trip to Richmond, Virginia to play a full day of friendly, but competitive, mixed scrimmages with the Sportable Spokes and Fairfax Falcons.

The team had a lot of fun growing their skills and playing with different teammates – although it was admittedly strange to see them in different uniforms going up against one another!

Big shout out to coaches Erica and Leslie, plus Tyler, Brad, and Emily for coordinating to make this day happen…and of course our awesome crew of parents for supporting every opportunity for independence and involvement.

Special note on two of our newest Team PRIDE players: Both Jordan and Javonte decided to come to Richmond after having been to just ONE team practice, in fact, Jordan’s first practice was last Friday evening before Richmond Saturday!

You would have never guessed watching these two move in sportchairs, get in the mix on defense, and put up shots – naturals on the court with great attitudes, competitive fire, and curiosity to learn the game. Javonte even played in a varsity game with the ‘big guys’.