As we see it, sport is the best tool to change perceptions in our world about people with physical disabilities. The earlier in life people truly understand disability and the need for equality in voice, access, and participation the more inclusive our communities are going to be in the future.

That is why our EveryBODYPlaysNC Adapted Sports Days in schools hold such a special place in the heart of our mission.

On Friday February 11, the Bridge II Sports program team was honored to be back at Orange Middle School in Hillsborough for a full day challenging perceptions and teaching disability awareness through adapted sport to 215 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders during 6 periods of PE.

Students didn’t only listen as our staff told their stories and taught disability etiquette, but also got to check out adapted equipment AND play wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. Lessons to carry far outside the gym!

Wes Hall, man with right leg amputation, stands in front of middle school students seated on gym floor

‘Lessons Learned’
from students

“It has made me realize that people with a physical disability can do just as much as others”

“Now I know how to correctly address people with a physical disability”

“I did not think people could play all those sports and they are not much different than us”

“People with disabilities can do just as much as we can”

“I knew that people with physical disabilities could always do stuff that people with no physical disabilities have, but it was really cool to see it in action and learn more about them”

“People with disabilities are the same as everyone else and should be treated the same as everyone else”

“It really showed me how capable people with disabilities are”

“It changed my view that wheelchair and sitting sports are just as hard as regular sports”

“It made me even more aware of the people around me and how everyone deserves the chance to be actvie and compete, even if they have a physical disability”

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