We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Buttercup!
She’s our own little engine that could.

Bridge II Sports sits on a large oasis of land out in west Durham—but with land comes grass and with grass comes…you guessed it…mowing!

With our new archery range getting a lot of use we needed more frequent mowing. Up to now, Mickey, our volunteer archery coach, has generously been hauling his personal ride-on mower from Burlington almost every week to give the range a once over before shooting.

Jay Miller, the property owner and friend of BIIS, offered us old Buttercup with the caveat that she may need a new engine and a lot of TLC to get up and running. He was ready to put her out to pasture.

After a couple calls, there was new hope for Buttercup. Jeff Braddy from Latta Brothers Tractor Service in Hillsborough came out took her away and brought her back a few days later with a new lease on life. Fresh oil, a tune up, and even some welding work done by a friend of Jeff’s at NO COST – just a heartfelt act by people that could help with their time and expertise.

We are so very grateful for this donation that allows us to continue to provide a safe, comfortable and more accessible place to play…not to mention the added bonus of the smell of fresh cut grass while we’re taking aim on the archery line!

Helping out at Bridge II Sports doesn’t just involve sports. We are always in need of experts in all sorts of areas to assist with maintenance, tech, photo/video, admin.
Check out our new Volunteer Page for opportunities.

large riding lawn mower with man, Jeff Braddy from Latta Brothers, standing behind it.

Isn’t she cute?!
Big thanks to Jeff and team from Latta Brothers Tractor Service for getting her in mowing shape.