You get it…Bridge II Sports isn’t just about sports.  
We use adapted sports to create all those GREAT THINGS

Join us during this Giving Season to spread the ‘WORD’.
You are our strongest voices, you understand the power of sports through your own experiences as athletes, volunteers or supporters of BIIS, and you are connected to people that would benefit from BIIS.

Hopefully you’ve seen and shared our new campaign on Facebook and Twitter unveiled on #Giving Tuesday–if not, check out below!

We want to know WHAT’S YOUR WORD?  What does Bridge II Sports build a BRIDGE TO in your life? SHARE WITH US!
We’ll be featuring YOUR words to help people understand why we do what we do.

Help us SHARE Bridge II Sports with others– in your neighborhood, at your schools, at work,on FacebookTwitter–everywhere!  We are so proud of our strong grassroots community and what we have built.  Let’s create even greater IMPACT together!