It takes a team

As some of you know, we moved fall of 2016, with an expectation of having a warehouse built by March of 2017.  The occupancy certificate was issued in August of 2017 only to have our beautiful warehouse flood 3 times.  With many long hours from committed volunteers, we are now seeing our warehouse come to life, and house our variety of adapted equipment.

Last Saturday we had a warehouse workday at the office.  DJ’s tandem team support crew showed up!  This group have worked with DJ over the last 6 years, enabling DJ to rank #1 as a Tandem Cyclist in the US!  I know why!  This group of guys showed up with 100% energy, learned the mission to accomplish that morning, and went to work!  Our sports chairs got a thorough cleaning, dried and put into our new warehouse and seated in their proper place.  Tires, tubes, supplies, tools were also moved clearing out one of our storage units.

Thank you Jack, Jacob, Neal, Bob and Robert for being part of the Bridge II Sports Team!  We are honored to have you!

Ashley Thomas, Founder and Executive Director