handwritten note reads "Wes, I was so glad to see that your organization offers tandem rides to the visually impaired. My late husband was involved in that in Michigan, as well as riding thousands of miles with me. Thanks for all you do."

Last week, Director of Programs, Wes Hall, took a quick trip down to Wilmington to pick up a generous donation, a tandem bike to support our adapted cycling program. Our tandem cycling group has been growing and this gift will allow us to get another stoker with a visual impairment and a volunteer pilot out on the trail this spring.

Accompanying the bike was an unexpected collection of quality bike repair tools and a generous monetary donation to Bridge II Sports.

We are overwhelmed by the kindness of this donation and honored to continue the legacy of this cycle and it’s owners making sure people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of cycling.

white tandem cycle