Taric’s journey to last Friday’s wheelchair basketball practice began 6 months ago with a doctor’s visit.

It was a regular trip to the Spina Bifida Clinic at Lennox Baker at Duke Hospital for Taric and his family last spring.  In between check-ups the high school senior met Coach Akeem who had set up shop in the waiting area sharing Bridge II Sports opportunities with patients.

Akeem shared his personal story of finding wheelchair basketball in his life and invited Taric out to Team PRIDE. Taric had never played wheelchair basketball and was excited with the idea. He left clinic that day with the promise that Akeem would ‘keep up with him’.

Staying true to his word, Akeem followed up with Taric and his family regularly checking in on how things were going and keeping him posted on what was going on at Bridge II Sports. He was added to the mailing list and received regular emails about Team PRIDE activities.

Akeem was back recruiting at clinic in the summer, ran into Taric and invited him out to try summer wheelchair basketball with BIIS at the YMCA ‘Cage’ at the American Tobacco Campus. Taric and his family took him up on the offer and came out for a great evening of hoops. He was hooked!

With the 2019-2020 Team PRIDE season starting Taric was all-in to play but was having difficulty securing transportation to his first practice.  Director of Programs Wes Hall coordinated with Taric’s parents and offered for he and Program Coordinator Daisy Hayward to pick him up on the way. Taric was right on route to practice between Durham and Raleigh and our new truck has a spacious back seat with ample room- a win/win.

We are happy to announce Taric participated in his first wheelchair basketball practice ever on September 6th! On the way back he was exhausted but full of excitement to get on the court again!

From a seed planted 6 months ago, to building a relationship and trust over time to using our resources to create opportunity we are proud to be able to transform possibility into reality ONE AHTLETE AT A TIME.  It takes a dedicated, caring team backed by a strong community to impact change.

Thank you to Duke Spina Bifida Clinic for allowing us to be a part of your patient experience, Lock Laces® and all the donors that supported our new truck, and Durham YMCA,  American Tobacco Campus and Laurel Hills Community Center for providing us places to play!

Taric pictured in front of Bridge II Sports Truck